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The project “The Opposite Hand” is born from the encounter between Ludovica Zoina and Vivian Friedrich, two aerial dancers that share the same necessity to explore the aerial language.

Both have worked with different companies and producers such as: La Fura del Baus, Circo Delicia, Oniric Events and Accialt Flying Effects before having started working on their personal projects.

To them the city, with regard to its urban space, is a reason for exploration, investigation and also social reflection.

The creation “An illusion of Golconda” has been inspired by Magritte’s “Golconda”, therefore the painting represents a very current reflection on the matter “Multitude – Individual” that we present anew through the aerial dance and the poetic audiovisuals from the versatile artist Julien Deniau.

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People from The Opposite Hand

  • Ludovica Zoina
    Ludovica Zoina
    Cropped Ludovica Zoina
    Barcelona, España
    Performance artist, Choreographer
    Dancer, Artistic director, Choreographer
  • Avatar
    Vivian Friedrich
    Dancer, Artistic director, Choreographer

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