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Sol Picó is a professional contemporary dance company founded in 1994 by the dancer and choreographer Sol Picó (Alcoy,Alicante), which gives the name to the company. From the beginning, her work is part of a line of mixing different genres, where they interact. Her matured technique allied strength, accuracy and dynamics, supporting the organic treatment of their creations. Constantly energized by the humor, their works have an own style without concessions or instruction manual. What seemed like a challenge has become a dynamic working. What seemed like a risky and unsustainable proposal has become the raw material of their proposals.

In the final analysis, the goal is not to give answers but ask questions through the senses, experimentation, from the experience. It is about building a speech but to challenge the establishment. Her narrative is not structure but rather a tool. Her creations are closer to a life experience that to the staging of key issues.

Sol Picó builds bridges between opposing worlds matching seemingly irreconcilable elements: flamenco dancing with tips, ensuring their warriors costumes female archetypes or the volume of the organic scenery cohabiting with their work. The music of her shows is another tool used to enhance the mix of styles, being risky by some arrangements or by live items printed in our memory.

The transformation of everyday space into an extraordinary landscape, both in their street performances as in indoor performances, is never what we expect and always goes beyond what we can cope. The component of ubiquitous festivity, sparking differently depending on the productions, just always convey a sense of spontaneity and that thanks to the mastery of her impeccable technique.

In all his creations, Sol Picó uses elements of popular culture, building an iconography, where cultural references are part of our personal history. Her proposal offers a clear example of the relationship between myth and memory, both individually and collectively.

And Sol Picó gives us the opportunity to live it.

Live from the inside through the emotion.

More experience than narrative.

More experience representation.

A catharsis.

Catherine Amette Pia Mazuela

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