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From its birth in 2009, La Phármaco’s goal has been to res­tore the classical concept of stage liturgy, a comprehensive performance in which the expressive elements are gathered and attuned in one same tone that in its turn is committed to the message.

In La Phármaco we believe that dance is not simply a matter of genres or styles. That its purpose is to try and make visi­ble what was hidden by darkness. The forms and dynamics are always unexpected, arising from deep inside, and emerge like secrets where the soul is able to express and recognise itself. Dance is a high art that converses with the funda­mental voices of our history: La Phármaco delves into the classics of literature, where it finds a reflection of our times, while at the same time reclaiming dance as a humanistic and social tool.

Stage liturgy is a necessity.

The poetic experience compels us to face the contradic­tions of human existence.

The dancer reminds us that the world is still being created.

Its projects have counted with the support of the Centro de Danza Canal, the Agencia Andaluza de Ins­tituciones Culturales, Comunidad de Madrid, INAEM, AECID and Secretaría de Cultura (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte)

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