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We are an international pool of theater makers, actors, musicians, dancers, directors, mask-, light-, set and costume designers, dramatic advisors and other good souls from ten nations.

It is a moving yet bizarre family that apparently rose up from the dark womb of the earth through a long shaft to reach daylight for the very first time. It was this very image that put Familie Flöz on the map of international theater in 1996. Behind this metaphor is also the philosophy of an entirely distinct working method of this ever-changing group of theater makers.

Each play is developed in a collective working process and awakens a new universe inhabited by characters and stories that cleared their path from obscurity to light.

Through constant rediscovery of century-old disciplines such as acting, mask theater, dance, clownery, acrobatics, magic and improvisation, Familie Flöz creates theater experiences of a unique poetry.

Since 2001, Berlin is the base of Familie Flöz.

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