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AERIAL STRADA is not just a common name, it is more of a declaration of intent.

AERIAL Relating to air.

STRADA Street in Italian.

We assume that the street is the place where encounters and the spirit of citizenship are strengthened. It is also the space where the creator Roberto Strada Walemberg captures an artistic career of more than 25 years . His shows crossed the skies of more than 45 countries.

Aerial Strada is a research space for artists from different fields, producers, designers, engineers and technicians who have been working for decades in search of their own language; an aesthetic brand fully recognized in the world of performing arts. We seek excellence supported by a display of engineering and technique of the highest level to integrate the city and urban spaces within our scenic project. We summon crowds to spread positive messages with the language of beauty, without flags, ideologies or beliefs. Sharing emotions breaks down walls.

Aerial Strada travels with audiovisual media professionals to capture the best of the cities where they perform, revaluing their culture, the city and the citizens, in an event that will last on the Internet.

Continue flying and doing what we like most: Sharing and enjoying it with those who want it anywhere in the world.

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