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Popelei is a female founded creative production company set up by Tamsin Clarke in 2011. Tamsin is a British-Venezuelan performer, theatre-maker, writer, director, part-producer and creator of The Popelei Naked Podcast.

Popelei. Pronounced: pop-eh-ley. Meaning: properly.

As a little person trying to master Spanish and English, Tamsin couldn’t say things properly…or as she would say “popelei” and so she was forever known as Little Popelei to her Venezuelan family. When searching for a name for the company, “Popelei” seemed like the right fit.

“I like to fight and shout and make myself heard. Sometimes it feels hard to do this, as a woman and as an artist. I want to open up spaces for discussion and debate where you’re welcome to make a noise. Popelei is a place we can do that…properly.” - Tamsin Clarke, Founder + Director, Popelei Theatre

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