About us

Directie & Co is an Amsterdam based company consisting of dancers and physical performers, and guided by choregrapher/director Yvonne van den Akker.

Central focus is making dance theater for festivals and locations,

thus making the streets and the outdoors into their theatre.

Directie & Co creates theatrical situations out of the ordinary,

catching the audience by surprise.

Directie & Co combines unconventional dance theater with sublime visuals.

The work of Directie & Co is diverse: physical, raw, visual, absurd

but sometimes refined, intimate and elegant.

The experience of the audience is always the heart of the performance.

Directie & Co works with dancers who can combine movement with theatre.

Performers who aren’t afraid of interacting with the public.

They know how to move on hard surfaces like stones, grass or dirt.

And they can improvise within structures plus think outside the box.

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