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Panel displaying premieres, popular performers, trending companies and more.


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Actor, dancer, acrobat, magician, playwright, stagehand, director, technician, etc.


Theatre, circus, dance, street, opera, etc.


Event organizer, cultural manager, venue manager, etc.


Theatre, dance, circus... International, national, local, etc.

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Platform for artists and enthusiasts of theatre, dance, circus, opera, etc. Discover actors, dancers, acrobats, playwrights. Events calendar and latest premieres.
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  • Circus
  • Contemporary Circus
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  • Contemporary Dance
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  • Art intervention
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  • Micro theatre
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  • Multi-disciplinary
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  • Object theatre
  • Puppetry
  • Theatre of the oppressed
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  • Pedagogical theatre
  • Poor theatre
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  • Ventriloquism
  • Walk Act
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